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The North American utility market is not what it once was. Today's consumers are more mobile than ever. Electricity has become a volatile market were credit become the central issue for both consumers and suppliers. Modern technology such as cell phone service provide a particular tricky collection environment. Today's service provider is often forced to make credit decisions, that will effect cash flow for years to come, on inadequate credit history. 

The game has become to sign clients, for any period without regard to potential loss. When you realize how many important credit decisions are made with little background information beyond the service address, it becomes easier to recognize the potential for losses.

Turn to Able Apton to make your operation more productive and better protected from credit losses. Prior to the service connection we can provide the information needed to fill the credit history gaps and allow better credit decisions. After the move in, we obtain the information needed to update customer files, without the risk of insulting your customer. When a collection problem does occur, we can recover the money and return your customer in good standing.

Key Benefits

Experience in collection of past due services and damages
Aggressive skip-tracing locates your moved consumers
Pre-connect credit checks


The success of our efforts lies in our unique ability to retain local credit-trained investigators and legal council in your debtor's area, to uncover up-to-the-minute information. Decisions based on current and reliable facts are superior to decisions based on "aged credit history". These same professionals are instrumental in recovering customers through professional collection techniques.



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